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The first thing you need to know is what do the trail colours mean. Green means the trail has been groomed within the last 5 days, yellow means the trail has been groomed in the past 5+ days and red means that the trail is closed. There are however a few red ‘glitches’ on some of …

Benefits of Volunteering

January 23, 2019

Pick Me… Volunteering and Its Benefits We all know that snowmobile trails don’t just happen. It takes resources and many volunteer hours to maintain 12,000 kilometers of snowmobile trails in the areas of signing, grooming, equipment maintenance, shelter upkeep, etc. …

Free Ride Weekend

January 17, 2019

Be sure to sign up for the Free Ride Weekend - Sponsored by One Insurance, BSI, and Red River Mutual. February 16-18, 2019

Interactive Map Information

January 14, 2019

The interactive map has been fixed and is currently being updated every day. To ensure you are getting the very newest information make sure to refresh your browser with every use.

Help Support STARS

January 10, 2019

Help Support STARS! Snoman is excited to be a part of Rescue on the Island with STARS this coming September. Being a part of this important fundraiser for STARS, an organization that provides services that can make a difference for Manitobans, is an honor for Snoman. Rescue on the …

For a better understanding of the Snoman trail system click on the link. Understanding the Snoman

One Insurance Notification

January 4, 2019

Snowmobile season is coming! Get your ORV insurance quote online at     Complete this online safety course to get a 5% discount off your ORV insurance premium: at @…