$10 Million National Recreational Trails Program

June 26, 2014

As a member of the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations (CCSO), Snoman (Snowmobilers of Manitoba) Inc. is pleased that a portion of the $10 million trail funding investment from the federal government will be available for infrastructure improvements to our snowmobile trails.
The Honourable Denis Lebel, Minister of Infrastructure, Communities and Intergovernmental Affairs and Minister of the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec, recently announced that the Federal Government is investing $10 million between 2014 and 2016 in the National Recreational Trails Program to help expand and rehabilitate Canada’s snowmobile, all-terrain vehicle and non-motorized trail system. This investment will renew the federal government’s partnership with the National Trails Coalition (NTC), founded in 2007 by the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations, the Canadian Off-Highway Vehicle Distributors Council and the Canadian Trails Federation, and will also build on previous trail projects funded by the Government of Canada under Economic Action Plan 2009.
“By investing in trail infrastructure, the Government of Canada is encouraging job creation, linking communities and increasing recreational opportunities for Canadians. Through this agreement, the Government of Canada continues to support economic growth from coast to coast to coast while ensuring that Canadian communities remain among the best in the world to live,” said The Honourable Denis Lebel, Minister of Infrastructure, Communities and Intergovernmental Affairs and Minister of the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec.
CCSO member organizations operate 112,320 kilometres of snowmobile trails in every Canadian province and territory, generating a national economic impact of more than $8 billion annually. “In Manitoba, there is approximately 12,000 kilometres of snowmobile trails and this investment is welcomed by our 51 club members,” stated Yvonne Rideout, Executive Director, Snoman Inc.
With a mission statement of being "dedicated to providing leadership and support of safe, organized and environmentally responsible snowmobiling in Canada", the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations is the umbrella group for this country’s snowmobiling associations and federations since 1974.
Snoman Inc., a not for profit organization, is dedicated to providing strong leadership and support to its member clubs to develop safe and environmentally responsible snowmobile trails to further the enjoyment of organized snowmobiling in Manitoba.
For more information please contact:
Alan Butler, President, Cell: 204-250-6017
Yvonne Rideout, Executive Director, Cell: 204-990-7411