Sled 'N Snap Submissions!

December 12, 2017

You can now submit your photos for the 2017/18 Sled 'N Snap! 

The Snowmobile clubs across Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia are in the running for their own 2-place Aluma Tilt Trailer, but they need YOUR help. When you make your account, select your club that you are a member of or a club that you want to dedicate your photos to if you aren’t a member of any club. Automatically, your photos will be tagged to that club. The club with the most photos in Sled'N Snap will be eligible to win a 2-place Aluma Tilt Trailer. The club can use the trailer however they wish – they can use it for fundraising by selling it, raffling it, or use it amongst its members.

Sled'N Snap's Grand Prize this year is going to an individual instead of a club! YOU could win the use of any snowmobile trailer Flaman has, up to $15,000 of value, for one year. Flaman offers many great trailer options including 2, 3 and 4-places with heat/insulation option packages, cabinets for accessories, beavertails for easy loading or 15” black inlay wheels. Transport your sleds in style and enjoy the luxury your very own trailer. All you have to do is get out on the trails, snap a couple shots and submit your photos so your friends can vote! Don’t forget to help a club win a trailer by selecting a club when making your account. Happy brapping and snapping.