One Insurance Safety Campaign

December 19, 2018

ORV Insurance Safety Campaign


Store your snowmobile in a secure garage or other permanent structure to prevent theft. Find more tips here:


Don’t have an enclosed structure to store your snowmobile? Prevent theft by securely chaining the frame to a tree. Learn more:


Never store your snowmobile on an open trailer - it’s an invitation for thieves. Use open trailers for transport only. Other ways to prevent theft:


Storing your snowmobile in an enclosed trailer? Park it with the doors against a wall and use a wheel lock to deter thieves. See an example here:


When chaining up a snowmobile, use good quality chain and a lock that cannot easily be drilled out. Other ideas here:


Keep the trails safe and fun for everyone - snowmobile drivers should always be over 16 and wearing an appropriate helmet. Other tips:


Ride safely and remember - only one rider at a time unless your vehicle is designed for passengers. Learn more:


Never drink and ride - find another way home. Stay safe:


Prevent accidents by staying on the trails and riding at a safe speed - you don’t know what might be under the snow. Find out more: