Help Support STARS

January 10, 2019

Help Support STARS!

Snoman is excited to be a part of Rescue on the Island with STARS this coming September. Being a part of this important fundraiser for STARS, an organization that provides services that can make a difference for Manitobans, is an honor for Snoman. Rescue on the Island is the flagship fundraising event for STARS in Manitoba and with the generous support of snowmobile clubs, colleagues, businesses, friends & family, the participants have helped to bring several millions of dollars to support the work of STARS. On September 12, 2019, President Alan Butler will be left stranded on a remote island somewhere in Manitoba, and will only be rescued once he reaches his fundraising goal. Snoman thanks the snowmobile clubs and individuals that have already shown their support for STARS. Let’s help our President get off of the island! To show your support please visit and donate today!