How to Use the Interactive Map

January 24, 2019

The first thing you need to know is what do the trail colours mean. Green means the trail has been groomed within the last 5 days, yellow means the trail has been groomed in the past 5+ days and red means that the trail is closed. There are however a few red ‘glitches’ on some of the trails. If there is a small patch of red and the rest of the trail is green or yellow it just means that the groomer took a different path from last year and that that trail is in fact open. We are trying to get all those changes made but it is a time consuming process. In addition, there is a new colour, light blue, in small sections on the map. These are just demarcating ice crossings where the trail crosses a body of water be it a river or lake.

There is a legend on the bottom left hand corner on the map. If you are on a cell phone the legend will be under the 3 horizontal lines in the top left hand corner of your screen. By looking at the legend, there is an opportunity to mark points of interest on the map such as shelters, restaurants, gas stations and hotels. One other feature on the legend that you should always tick off is the cautions to ensure that you are aware of any cautions on the trail. You can also check to see what club is in the area which you are looking at by checking off the Snoman club box. If you click on the club name it will take you to the club web site or facebook page. Once these points of interest are checked off in your legend you can focus in on them on your map by zooming in. When you click on a hotel, for instance, it will open a pop up box that gives you the details on that hotel such as the address, the hours of operation and phone number.

In the top right hand corner of the map there is box you can type an address or location into to zoom to that area on the map. You can also use the bullseye symbol so the map zooms into your exact GPS location.

If you are on a computer to plan a trip there is a box on the left side of the map that has Getting Started in blue. You can click on this and the instructions are located there. This feature isn’t available on cell phones so I will give a quick run-down as to how that works. If you click on the “Plan your Trip” (right hand arrow) in the top corner of your screen a new box appears. Now tap (click) your starting point on the trail in which you plan to start your trip. This will add the letter A to the map, then a box will on your screen. Tap (click) on the right hand arrow and it will let you continue with more points. Then you tap on a second spot on that trail it will add a letter B to that trail. If you want to get to another trail tap on that and the map will automatically give you the shortest route to get there. All the while it is recording the number of kilometers you will be travelling between each point. Kilometers between points can be viewed in the Plan your trip box. If you want to save the trip for future use you can tap save. When you are done with planning a trip you can tap reset and it will clear the map of all points.