Press Release - Snopass

February 1, 2021

Snowmobilers risk large fine if they don’t have a Snopass

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in provincial snowmobile trails experiencing higher than normal traffic, but many outdoor enthusiasts risk a large fine for not having a Snopass. Snowmobilers must possess a Snopass if they wish to legally travel on a Snoman-approved trail. Failure to have a Snopass can result in a fine of nearly $500.

“A number of our member clubs are reporting seeing many snowmobiles which do not display the orange Snopass plate,” said Yvonne Rideout, executive director of Snoman. “These snowmobilers will be subject to a substantial fine if they are travelling on Snoman trails and are caught by the RCMP or Manitoba Conservation officers.”

“While we encourage people to enjoy our trails, we suspect many of these snowmobilers do not know a Snopass is mandatory if they wish to travel on our system. We know that there will likely be enhanced enforcement on our trails over the next few weeks,” said Rideout.

A Snopass costs $150 and can be purchased at any Autopac agent in the province. A Snopass is for the snowmobile, not the owner; consequently, there must be a Snopass plate on each snowmobile on the trails. Another option for snowmobile enthusiasts is to purchase a seven-day pass.

“We are thrilled that more people are enjoying our terrific trail system, but people are encouraged to educate themselves as to the rules and regulations,” said Rideout. “The purchase of the Snopass financially assists the 53 volunteer clubs with signing, maintaining and grooming the 12,000+ kilometers of trails within our province.”