April 2014 Newsletter

April 2014 Newsletter

Introducing Snoman's New Executive Director, Yvonne Rideout

My first days as Executive Director of Snoman Inc. have been quite busy with meetings and getting caught up on the many issues and activities that our organization is involved with. Some of the ideas I had coming into the position included working closely with the board to ensure that we carry out our strategic plan actions. The values set out in that session include communication, teamwork, accountability, transparency, collaboration, and innovation. I will be entrenching those values in my daily activities.

During the coming months, I will be developing an effective communications strategy which will include open dialogue with member clubs, governments, and with the general public. In addition, I will be creating a corporate sponsorship package and meeting with potential partners over the summer months.

I have set up a page for Snoman on Facebook so that we can communicate our public events or post updates, so please visit and "like us", so that you will receive notification of our posts.

As the sledding season draws to a close, I hope that the winter was enjoyed by all and I look forward to attending some of the club meetings and meeting our members.

All the best,
Yvonne Rideout
Snoman Inc.
Executive Director

Thank a Volunteer Today!

As we come to the end of another season of snowmobiling we need to look back and thank all of the volunteers that made it happen.

This past winter was blessed with abundant snow, which was great for the sport.

Along with that, we had more than our share of extremely cold days. Keeping the grooming equipment running was a huge challenge. Even the smallest repair or maintenance was a cold weather challenge.

Wood usage at the shelters was up, meaning extra work to stock the wood racks, all done in less than favorable weather.

Hauling out the garbage and recyclables, trail maintenance, shelter repairs, shelter cleaning and stocking with supplies, etc. was all done on somebody's personal time!

Without the dedication of the club volunteers, we would have been left staring out the windows of our homes, and dealing with cabin fever.

A huge THANK-YOU to all those volunteers that made it possible to enjoy our great outdoors!

And to those of you who wonder who that somebody is...

If you enjoy the trails and shelters, maybe it needs to be you!

Russell Henderson
Central Region Director & club member with 300 hours this year

Sneak Peek 2015

All of the new snowmobile models were in their place, they were all polished up, the displays were set up, and the tech representatives and salespeople were ready for the barrage of questions from hundreds of snowmobile enthusiasts. This past weekend, on April 4th and 5th, the Red River exhibition grounds hosted the 2015 Sneak Peek.

This year Ski-Doo, Yamaha, and Polaris took part in the event that runs across the country, showcasing the line up for next year.

It was quite amazing to see the line up outside the doors before the event started at 4pm on Friday. When the doors opened, those lined up came running in to see what they'd been hearing and reading about for the last couple of months.

The Sneak Peek is an excellent opportunity for the manufacturers to meet snowmobilers (no matter what they ride), explain what is new, and get feedback from customers on what they liked and didn't like in the past about their brands.

From the customers' point of view, all the brands are in one location, so you don't have to go to separate shows from each manufacturer. It's a chance to look at what is coming out for next year, ask questions, and probably run into a few old friends you haven't seen in awhile.

This year's event had the largest attendance in Canada so far, which bodes very well for the industry next year. There obviously is a lot of interest and enthusiasm for the sport, which is exciting to see.

For Snoman it's a much-needed chance to meet the public one on one and get immediate feedback on issues that have arisen over the winter months. Most of those attending stopped by the Snoman display and entered for a chance to win a free annual Snopass or a Snoman jacket. It was good to see a lot of familiar faces as well as many new ones. Many had questions for our president Alan Butler, and also had a chance to meet new executive director Yvonne Rideout.

Everyone was talking about the bright color choices that are available for next year. They certainly catch your attention, and there was always a crowd around those machines. Some loved the bright colors, while others thought it wasn't for them.

This is Polaris's 60th anniversary, which is reflected in their machines. It's amazing to see the technology that goes into snowmobiles every year. You have to wonder what could they come up with next! The manufacturers always have something to make it lighter, handle better, and ways to make it more comfortable, be better on fuel, and so on. Yamaha has expanded their Viper line-up with some very interesting models, including turbocharged mountain sleds and a two-up version. They have also refined the models that were out last year.

It was a very good show, with a lot of interest and plenty of new models. Thank you to everyone who came to visit us at the Snoman booth. We look forward to seeing you again next year!

Kelly Martens
Northern Region Director

Sled'N Snap 2014

Voting is now open for Sled'N Snap finalists at www.slednsnap.com! Voting closes April 30, and winners will be announced May 4.

Rather than awarding club memberships as previously stated, the Snoman prize for this year will be a Snoman merchandise gift package for the winner of each category as chosen by Snoman staff. Snoman winners will be also be announced in May.