May 2014 Newsletter

May 2014 Newsletter

Recap of the 2013-2014 Riding Season

Compared to the 2012-2013 riding season when most trails were open by mid-December, this season saw trails opening closer to the yearly average. We didn't have the benefit this year of an early start, but all of our club volunteers worked as hard as ever to provide safe, quality trails across the province. Low snowfall in some areas, combined with extreme cold temperatures, presented a challenge to both equipment and volunteers.

Unfortunately, one club was not able to open trails this year. The Roblin Snowmobile Association was forced to cease operations due to lack of volunteer and funding support. While Snoman works hard to funnel revenue from Snopass sales directly to clubs, supplemental income is necessary for each club's survival. This means that our trail system is heavily reliant on volunteer time and effort. New volunteers are always needed and much appreciated, so we ask everyone to please consider contacting their local snowmobile club to see how they can help.

The Snoman board of directors spent the winter endeavoring to ensure the best quality trail system possible, while also strategizing short-term and long-term solutions to keep the organization moving forward. In March, the board hired Yvonne Rideout as the new Snoman Executive Director and since then she has been enthusiastically diving head-first into her new role. Yvonne created a Facebook page for Snoman, which is a great place to check out the latest news. If you haven't already, find us and "like" our page!

This season's Winner's Choice Raffle was a huge success, and winner Archie Heinrichs of Plum Coulee chose a brand new Arctic Cat. The next big event for Snoman is the 4th Annual General Meeting and Congress, which will take place at the Canad Inns Club Regent Casino Hotel in Winnipeg on Friday, October 24 and Saturday, October 25. November 2015 will be Snoman's 40th birthday and we will be launching our year of activities at the fall congress.

The last trails to close this year were in the northern region, bringing the season to a close in April. While weather warms up, snowmobilers are already looking forward to next winter and the office staff are busy planning ahead for what should be another great riding season. The staff and board of directors would like to thank all the volunteers for their hard work this year, and Snopass holders for their continued support of a trail system that we can all be proud of.

Who is Snoman?

As with all elected bodies, it can sometimes be easy to forget that Snoman is an organization comprised of people- people who are enthusiastic about snowmobiling and do their best to represent the interests of the Manitoba snowmobiling community.

Incorporated and registered under the "Companies Act" in 1975, Snoman has grown through the years to its current state. The Snoman Inc.'s volunteer board of directors consists of: a four-member executive committee, ten regional directors, five regional alternate directors, and two representatives of Manitoba Conservation. Regional directors are in place to keep Snoman structured around the grassroots snowmobiling community of all areas of the province. All board members are volunteers who perform Snoman duties on their own time because of a passion for the sport.

Employed by the board of directors are four full-time staff members who work out of the Winnipeg office. The day-to-day operations of the organization are performed by an Executive Director, a Snofund/Office Administrator, an Administrative Coordinator, and an Administrative Assistant. The board also employs one Snoman GPS/Data Coordinator, who works closely with the office from home. You can check out up-to-date bios for board and staff members on the Snoman website.

There are currently fifty-one Snoman clubs operating across the province. Clubs are comprised of a base of members, many of whom choose to act as volunteers, and an elected group of club representatives who serve as contacts for the Snoman board of directors and the Snoman office. The board, office staff, and club representatives strive for constant and open communication in order to efficiently achieve the best trail system possible, season after season. Anyone can join a club.

Don't forget- you can be Snoman, too! If you are a snowmobiler who would like to become involved, there are several options. By buying a Snopass you are directly supporting club funding. By joining a club you become part of a family of snowmobile enthusiasts who love to work, play, and ride together. If you would like to do even more you can run for club president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, Solara and trail conditions contact, or safety rep. For those who have time and energy to spare, Snoman board members are elected each year and anyone is welcome to put their name forward. There is a way for everyone to help. If you love snowmobiling, try getting involved this year- you won't be "left out in the cold"!

Sled'N Snap 2013-2014

This year's Sled'N Snap contest was a huge success. The grand prize winner is Jason Holt of Saskatchewan, who wins use of the 4 Place Aluminum Snowmobile Trailer for a year! The random winner from Manitoba is Perry Knight, who wins a 2 Place Aluma Snowmobile Trailer. Manitoba winners all receive a Snoman gift package, and are as follows:

Trails/Scenery/Wildlife - Geoff Sine
Action - Eric Malofsky
Shelters/Trailers - Kimberly Glowachuk
Youth/Family - Leon Bergen
Club Rides/Events - Colleen Warrington
Buried - Randy Plett
Vintage - Jeremy Unrau
International Ride - Perry Knight