April 2015 Newsletter

April 2015 Newsletter

Thank you to all our volunteers and landowners!

Snoman Inc. is taking this opportunity during National Volunteer Week, April 12-18, 2015, to thank the many volunteers who work to ensure that the snowmobile trail system in Manitoba is maintained.
In 2014, club members volunteered in excess of 70,000 hours to support the designated trail system. If it were not for the many volunteers, it would be difficult to ensure the safety of the trail system.
Volunteers are responsible for:
  • Upgrading an existing trail (brushing, bulldozing);
  • Maintaining an existing trail (grooming, brushing, bulldozing);
  • Developing new trails (brushing, bulldozing);
  • Erecting rail signage for the safety of all riders;
  • Purchasing and maintaining trail maintenance equipment (groomers, drags);
  • Building, maintaining, and upgrading trail emergency shelters, washrooms, and storage buildings;
  • Building, maintaining, and upgrading bridges; and
  • Producing regional or club trail maps.
Snoman recognizes the dedication and commitment at the club level to provide these essential services for the benefit of all snowmobilers. Volunteers maintain approximately 12,000 kilometers of designated trails throughout the province. As a snowmobiler, you can access the trails by purchasing a Snopass which is required by Manitoba law. By doing so, you help to fund the trail system in our province.
We would also like to thank the many landowners who let our clubs access their land to make for a safer ride and we encourage all snowmobilers to respect the rights of landowners and stay on the trails!

A Message from Snoman’s Executive Director

Well, the season started late and ended early!  Not a snowmobiler’s dream by any definition.  I was fortunate enough to get out for the Western Region ride as well as the rally in Powerview/Pine Falls and the trails were amazing.  As we struggled with trail openings, we thank all snowmobilers for their patience as our clubs rushed to get trails signed and groomed to make for the safest ride possible.  Thank you to our clubs and their many volunteers who make your ride possible.
Snoman had many exciting events during the past year such as the announcement for the International Snowmobile Congress in 2017, the National Trails Coalition announcement which provided support to more than 30 clubs, as well as our recognition for Champions for Sustainability.  As we move forward we will continue to build upon that momentum and elevate the recreation of snowmobiling and Snoman, as an organization. 
As we wait for the next snowmobile season, I hope that you enjoy your summer and stay safe.  Let’s hope for an earlier and longer winter with more snow. 
Until next season,

Sneak Peek 2016

All of the new snowmobile models are in their place, they're all polished up, the displays are set up, and the tech representatives and salespeople are ready for the barrage of questions from hundreds of snowmobile enthusiasts. This weekend, on April 3rd and 4th, the Red River exhibition grounds host the 2016 Sneak Peek.
This year Ski-Doo, Yamaha, and Polaris will take part in the event that runs across the country, showcasing the line up for next year.
The Sneak Peek is an excellent opportunity for the manufacturers to meet snowmobilers (no matter what they ride), explain what is new, and get feedback from customers on what they liked and didn't like in the past about their brands.
From the customers’ point of view, all the brands are in one location, so you don't have to go to separate shows from each manufacturer. It's a chance to look at what is coming out for next year, ask questions, and probably run into a few old friends you haven't seen in awhile.

Exanded, Improved Snowmobile Trails Coming to Manitoba!

BIRDS HILL PARK—Manitoba families, residents and visitors will soon have access to expanded and improved snowmobile trails, thanks to support from the Government of Canada through the National Trails Coalition and the Province of Manitoba in partnership with Snoman (Snomobilers of Manitoba).
The announcement was made today by Robert Sopuck, Member of Parliament for Dauphin-Swan River-Marquette, on behalf of the Honourable Denis Lebel, Minister of Infrastructure, Communities and Intergovernmental Affairs, and Minister of the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec, and the Honourable Gord Mackintosh, Manitoba Minister of Conservation and Water Stewardship.
“Today is a celebration of snowmobiling and we want people to enjoy the opportunities for outdoor recreation all across our great province,” said Minister Mackintosh. “We support a safe trail system and appreciate the substantial economic benefit to rural businesses in the winter.”
Canada has a vast network of recreational trails that allow Canadians to experience the outdoors and appreciate this country’s natural beauty. Through the partnership between the Government of Canada and the National Trails Coalition (NTC), $10 million has been made available between 2014 and 2016 to help expand and rehabilitate Canada’s snowmobile, all-terrain vehicle and non-motorized trail system.
“Our government is pleased to support Snoman with a National Trails Coalition contribution of $183,040 as part of our efforts to expand and improve recreational and multi-purpose trails across the country,” said MP Sopuck. “By investing in trail infrastructure, our government is encouraging job creation, linking communities and increasing recreational opportunities for Canadians. Through this commitment, we are continuing to support economic growth from coast to coast to coast while ensuring that Canadian communities remain among the best in the world to live.”
Today’s project announcement of $366,080 is just one of many examples of supported projects that will positively impact Canadian communities. Manitoba trails will benefit from a number of measures designed to increase trail safety including trail clearing and widening, twinning in high-traffic areas and new signage. These projects will ensure access to Manitoba’s unique scenery while generating economic growth and creating jobs.
“Snoman and its 52 clubs are pleased to partner with the federal and provincial governments in this investment in the trail system in Manitoba,” said Alan Butler, president of Snoman. “We support the idea of healthy living through recreation, including a healthy environment. This support will enable us to promote community enhancement, family activity, ecologically friendly practices, economic sustainability and the adoption of new and safer technologies.”

Attention Snowmobilers

A message from the Manitoba Floodway Authority:
Snowmobiling is prohibited on the Floodway except on the authorized Snoman Trail.
If you are a snowmobiler, the Manitoba Floodway Authority (MFA) and the Snowmobilers of Manitoba (SNOMAN) remind you that you are only permitted to use the authorized SNOMAN trail on the floodway.
Unauthorized motorized vehicles use, including snowmobiling, is prohibited on the floodway. The only exception is the groomed SNOMAN trail located along Highway 59, near Birds Hill Provincial Park. Please use caution and obey all SNOMAN signs and markers when snowmobiling on the trail.
Increased pedestrian traffic
With the opening of the new Duff Roblin Parkway Trail, there are more people walking, skiing and snowshoeing along the floodway. By keeping to the marked SNOMAN trail, you will stay clear of these pedestrians as well as sections of the low-flow channel along the centre of the floodway that are subject to thin ice and/or open water throughout the winter.
Snowmobilers who do not follow the SNOMAN trail may be subject to fines under The Off Road Vehicles Act.
Remember — Ride Safe

Upcoming Events

April 3 & 4, 2015
Snow Sneak Peek 2016
Red River Exhibition Park
Friday: 4 - 9 pm, Saturday: 10 am - 5 pm
Free Admission
For more information, visit www.snowsneakpeek.ca
April 11, 2015
Valleyview Sno-Riders
Landowner’s Appreciation Supper. Location TBA.
For more information, call Doug at 204-328-7508
April 25, 2015
South East Sno-Riders
Fundraising Dinner – location TBA
Visit www.southeastsnoriders.mb.ca for details.