Januar 2016 Newsletter

Januar 2016 Newsletter

Manitoba Trails Set to Host a Special Event

Winnipeg – Snoman (Snowmobilers of Manitoba) Inc. is pleased to announce that coming up February 13 to 15, coinciding with Louis Riel Weekend is the Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Free Ride Weekend, Sled without Borders.  It’s an opportunity for all to enjoy our great trails. 
“Sled without Borders focuses on visitors from Ontario, Saskatchewan, North Dakota and Minnesota and the Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Free Ride Weekend focuses on riders new to our trail network”, said Yvonne Rideout, Executive Director.  “This special weekend is funded by Manitoba Tourism, Culture, Heritage, Sport and Consumer Protection.”
Snoman and its 52 member clubs are responsible for approximately 12,000 kms of snowmobile trails and 152 warm-up shelters on the trail system in Manitoba.  The organization has a reputation for promoting snowmobile safety by offering online courses and workshops and also assists in protecting the environment.  Its clubs are active players in sustainability and embrace ecologically friendly policies from recycling to the adoption of new technologies.
“There will be special events as we welcome visitors from other jurisdictions on our trail network,” said Rideout.  “If someone has an extra sled we are encouraging that they invite a city friend or non-snowmobiler to come along for a ride!” 
To register and receive your temporary weekend pass please visit www.snoman.mb.ca
Snoman Inc., a not for profit organization, is dedicated to providing strong leadership and support to its member clubs to develop safe and environmentally responsible snowmobile trails to further the enjoyment of organized recreational snowmobiling in Manitoba.
For more information:
Yvonne Rideout, Executive Director
Cell: 204-990-7411

Let’s Celebrate Safety

January 16th to the 24th is International Snowmobile Safety Week.  Remember to ride safe and check trail conditions on the Snoman website.  Ensure that you wear the appropriate clothing and that your snowmobile is well-maintained.  Reduce your speed at night, when riding in snow dust and low visibility.  The designated trail system is the safest option for riders.  Always tell someone where you’re going and when you’ll be back.  The best policy is to ride with a friend.  Be aware of your surroundings at all times for your safety and remember that there may be areas of thin ice.  Remember to drive within the limits of your ability.  Our shelters are the ideal place to rest and warm up.  You might even run into old friends or make some new ones.  Ride sober, ride safe.  www.snoman.mb.ca

Winner’s Choice Raffle

Raffle tickets are due back to the Snoman office by February 8. We are still selling tickets at the office, so stop by 2121 Henderson Highway for your chance to win one of four great sleds (or $10,000 cash!). The draw will take place on February 18th. 

Learn How to be Safe this Riding Season

Did you know... just in the month of December, 21 people took the Manitoba Snowmobile Safety Course.
The average age range was 16-19 years old, with 62% of those male and 38% female.
We encourage all sledders, and especially young and new sledders to take the course. It consists of five chapters and upon passing you will receive a Manitoba Snowmobile Safety Card. You can even take the course from the comfort of your own home!
Click the link at the top of the Snoman website, or visit http://www.snowmobilecourse.com/canada/manitoba/

2016 Kids Contest

Snoman is inviting kids to send in their best artwork to qualify for our Hall of Fame! Send us your best drawing showing either safe snowmobiling or a snowmobiler being environmentally friendly. Mail or email your finished work to us to be entered and to be featured in Snoman's Kid's Zone! Good luck, and happy drawing!
Prize: Light & Sound Truck Playset – F-150 Raptor with Snowmobile!                    
Deadline: February 29, 2016
Email to: adminassist@snoman.mb.ca
Mail to: Snoman Inc, 2121 Henderson Highway, Winnipeg MB, R2G 1P8

Paul’s Grill welcomes Snowmobilers

Hello Snowmobilers!
My name is Colleen Swifte and I am the owner of Paul’s Grill, located in the RM of Gimli, 5 kms north of Camp Morton Road. We are located on route 46 of the Snoman trail map at the intersection of Glen Bay Road and PR 222.
I want to extend a very warm welcome to any snowmobilers who venture out this way. We actually opened the doors last February but as we all know, there was hardly any snow at the time.
If you are traveling on the groomed trail you will see our welcome signs directing you to drive around to the front of the restaurant and park off Evergreen Ave., where we have cleared ample parking for snowmobiles and also trailers if you should wish to start and end your day from here.
We offer a varied menu with charbroiled ribs being our specialty. We also have homemade burgers, sharing platters, homemade soups and a few out of the ordinary choices such as a Halifax donair wrap and butter chicken curry. We are fully licensed and have VLTs scheduled to be installed within the next couple of weeks.
I named the restaurant “Paul’s Grill” after my late friend Paul Bisson who owned it in 2008 (then called Twin Pine Resort and Campground). Paul had a vision of making this place into a local mecca and was very much looking forward to meeting the many snowmobilers who travel route 46 each winter but unfortunately did not have the opportunity to develop his idea. Eight years later I am working to making his vision a reality along with the help of some very talented and dedicated staff.
In addition, I am the Managing Editor of the Interlake Enterprise Community Newspaper and have been working with the Interlake Snow Trackers Club to help promote the sport of snowmobiling on safe groomed trails each season. We recently started a bi-weekly column with input from Snoman Inc. and local snowmobilers alike - as snowmobiling is definitely the winter sport of choice in this area.
I welcome snowmobilers from all areas to contact me with article ideas and tips about trail conditions and upcoming events. You can reach me at colleen@enterprisenews.ca or just drop in to Paul’s Grill anytime – we’re open Thursday to Sunday year round at 11 a.m. and have daily lunch and supper specials as well as happy hour from 3 - 7pm daily.  
Phone: 204-642-9001
Website: http://paulsgrill.ca/


February is National Environment Month

February is National Environment Month and a time for us to highlight that snowmobilers are not only committed to safety but also to developing and maintaining environmentally responsible snowmobile trails.  Our code of ethics is a testament to the dedication and vision of environmental sustainability.  We remind snowmobilers to stay on the designated trail and respect sensitive areas, wildlife and private landowners.  Leave nothing behind but your tracks.  Snowmobiling occurs when a blanket of snow protects the ground and after the snow melts, nature flourishes again. We ask that snowmobilers obey the signs and also support your local club - they work hard for your right to ride!  We provide strong leadership and support to our member clubs to help them accomplish their environmental goals.  Safe sledding.