January 2021 Newsletter

January 2021 Newsletter

  A Message from Wayne Vandersteen, President

Hopefully, everyone is enjoying this beautiful January weather. It is sad that part of our province has little snow. We have some snow and grooming done in a snow belt running east and west from Pine Falls across the Interlake including St. Rose du Lac and up to Dauphin. The north part of our province including Flin Flon, The Pas, Snow Lake, Thompson and Gillam have had two feet of snow since the beginning of December. In our northern communities, where there is snow they are struggling due to no frost, so they’re fighting the battle trying to get their trails frozen enough to run their groomers. The worst part of 70% of the north being groomed, we cannot go north of the 53rd parallel because of Code Red Restrictions under the Public Health Orders. We are hoping that restrictions north of the 53rd parallel will be lifted after January 22, so snowmobilers can travel there and enjoy the beautiful trails and scenery. We ask all snowmobilers, no matter where they go, to ride safe and respect our landowners. Please stay off private land and keep to the signed and groomed trails. The landowners are a big part of our trail system and we need them in order to run our system effectively. A big thank you to the cooperation we are getting from you, as snowmobilers, in the closure of our warm-up shelters while we are in Code Red. Thank you and enjoy the winter.

Wayne Vandersteen,


Snoman is encouraging snowmobile clubs to submit stories to be published in our monthly e-newsletters.  

Join a Club, Make a Difference

Are you interested in volunteering? Our snowmobile clubs are ALWAYS looking for volunteers. Whether it be trail grooming or signing, shelter or machinery maintenance, planning events or fundraising, everyone has a skill that could help out a snowmobile club. Gain experience, make some new friends, get out and enjoy your community. If you enjoy snowmobiling, we encourage you to get involved. Contact the Snoman office and we can connect you with a club, or contact a club directly.  Join a club, make a difference! 

Think Before You Ride

This message brought to you by One Insurance

Safety tips for a great snowmobiling season
Riding a snowmobile is a great way to have fun outside during the snowy months, but accidents can happen if you're not riding safely. Any off-road vehicle (ORV) should always be operated using proper techniques to prevent serious injury or death. Before you hit the trails for a fun-filled day of riding, be sure to follow these safety tips:
Drivers should be over the age of 16.
Children under the age of 16 should not operate an ORV because of their size and inexperience with driving vehicles. Even once a child is 16 and able to operate an ORV, it's strongly recommended they have adult supervision.
Only one rider per vehicle.
Only one person should ride an ORV at any time unless it's designed to fit a passenger — that means no piggybacking or side riding on vehicles only designed for one rider. The combined weight of two riders could make the ORV less stable and more prone to roll over.
Do not speed.
ORVs are designed to safely operate at a certain speed. Increasing the speed – especially through certain terrains – decreases your control and the vehicle’s stability, increasing the possibility of an accident.
Do not operate an ORV while impaired.
Just like the rules of the road and driving a car, you should never operate an ORV after drinking alcohol or smoking marijuana.
Use common sense.
The final safety tip is by far the easiest to remember. Your common sense can carry you a long way, especially when your safety is involved.
For more safety tips and for all your ORV insurance needs, drop by any ONE Insurance or BSI Insurance Brokers branch or visit oneinsurance.ca or bsimb.comUnderwritten by Red River Mutual.

REMINDER: Free Ride Weekend: Sled Without Borders©

Snoman Inc. wishes to remind you that Sled without Borders© takes place February 13 to 15, 2021. Sled without Borders - sponsored by One Insurance and BSI Insurance Brokers, representing Red River Mutual - is a Free Ride Weekend, focusing on riders new to our trail network. If you have extra sleds, this is a great opportunity to invite a non-snowmobile friend to come along for a ride!

You can register for the event by visiting https://snoman.mb.ca/. After you register, your pass will be accessible. Once you print your temporary weekend pass it must be affixed to your snowmobile, or downloaded to your mobile device. It is important to note that there are minimum insurance requirements for riders entering Manitoba.

National Snowmobile Environment Month

February is National Snowmobiling Environment Month, which is the perfect opportunity to remind riders to keep nature beautiful, and to take personal responsibility for decisions and actions on the snow this winter.
Remember to always stay on the designated trail and respect sensitive areas, protect wildlife and don't trespass on private property. Enjoy the scenery but leave nothing behind but your tracks.
Embrace new technologies. Snowmobiles are continuously improving, thanks to oil injection, sound reduction measures, variable height exhaust valves, direct injection, on-board computers, and new 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine technologies that comply with EPA requirements. Snoman discourages the installation of after market pipes that increase noise and annoy others.
Keeping nature beautiful during each and every ride depends primarily on the personal decisions and actions of each rider, so choose to Snowmobile Responsibly this winter.