February 2021 Newsletter

February 2021 Newsletter


A Message from Wayne Vandersteen, President

Greetings to all. Hopefully, most of our snowmobilers are enjoying their winter, other than the southwest part of our province that has had another terrible year with no snow. We, as a province, are probably between 65 and 70% groomed other than small areas that have low snow or no snow conditions. It was looking good, we had snow earlier in the week allowing groomers to get out and we had green trails all over and then we got the wind which made a mess of our beautiful groomed trails. As I am writing this it is -30 degrees and supposed to be like that for most of the week. Hopefully, it warms up shortly and everyone can enjoy the wonderful trails that we do have. We are prototyping a few updated Solaras and a few other units to put in the groomers for tracking devices. Hopefully, when the new health order comes in next week our shelters will be available to be used, even if we have to social distance. We have been very fortunate in the past that the weather has been fairly warm on weekends and it hasn't affected the snowmobilers much but now that it's cold, it’s important to have the shelters for emergency purposes. Also, it would be very nice if north of the 53rd parallel would open so we could take advantage of some of the beautiful trails in Flin Flon, The Pas, Snow Lake, Thompson and Gillam. It’s very important that connecting trails get groomed so we can travel from one town to another. Enjoy the rest of the winter riding some of the most scenic trails in Manitoba. Stay safe and ride smart.

Club News

Snoman is encouraging snowmobile clubs to submit stories to be published in our monthly e-newsletters.  We wish to thank the South East Sno Riders for their contribution to the February newsletter! We're confident you'll enjoy reading about what our snowmobile clubs have been up to!

Groomer operator’s view from inside the groomer

Hats off to all of our groomer operators for volunteering their time to groom our trails. When we are able to groom all 953 kms of our weekly grooming, these people spend about 80 hours per week in the groomer. Due to the limited amount of snow this winter, we are only able to groom a portion of our trails. These dedicated people are still volunteering about 55 hours per week of their time to provide you with the best trails we can deliver. Most grooming shifts are 10 plus hours long and therefore we always have 2 operators volunteering together. This does not include the time spent servicing and making sure the groomer is ready to go on a weekly basis or the time spent organizing the groomer operators. Thank you for doing what you do. Too many names to mention.

Photo Contest

Would you like to see your snowmobiling photo featured on one of Snoman's regional maps for the 2021-2022 season? The Snoman Photo Contest is open until March 19, 2021.
To enter, simply email your photos to AdminAssist@snoman.mb.ca. Be sure to include your name, as well as the region where your photo was taken. Good luck!   

What is it Worth to You?

Keeping snowmobile trails safe is our priority. Snoman encourages all riders to ride right, and ride safe. There are hefty fines for making the wrong choice:

Consume alcohol or cannabis in or on an ORV or in a shelter..  $ 672
Operate a snowmobile on a trail without a Snopass …..............  $ 486
Damage, destroy, deface or remove a sign……………............... $ 298
Operate, or permit operation of an uninsured ORV…..............… $ 298
Deface or alter a number plate………………………….……........ $ 298
Smoke or vape in an enclosed public place (first offence).......... $ 237
Unlawful transportation of cannabis in or on an ORV….............. $ 237
Operate, or permit to operate, an unregistered ORV…............... $ 174
Fail to wear a helmet………………………………………….....…. $ 174
Under 14 years old, operate an ORV without adult supervision.. $ 143
Fail to produce registration……………………………………......   $ 113

You Can Make a Difference

We all know snowmobile trails don't just happen. It takes resources and many volunteer hours to maintain 12,000 kilometers of snowmobile trails. Our snowmobile clubs are ALWAYS looking for volunteers. If you enjoy snowmobiling, we encourage you to volunteer with a club. Whether it be trail grooming or signing, shelter or machinery maintenance, planning events or fundraising, everyone has a skill that could help out a snowmobile club. Gain experience, make some new friends, get out and enjoy your community. Contact the Snoman office and we can connect you with a club, or contact a club directly. Join a club, make a difference! 

ORV Theft Protection
Tips to protect yourself against Off-Road Vehicle theft

There’s no better feeling than climbing on the back of your snowmobile, ready to enjoy the great outdoors. But what if you forgot to lock your vehicle up tight the night before and thieves have spoiled your plans by rolling away with your snowmobile?
Theft can occur quickly, so your friends at ONE Insurance, BSI Insurance Brokers and Red River Mutual want to ensure you can enjoy stress-free rides over the nearly 12,000 kilometers of groomed Snoman trails with these easy tips for keeping your ORV safe.
The best option is to keep your ORV locked up in a garage or other permanent enclosure with the key stored elsewhere.
If you have no choice but to leave your ORV outdoors, here are some things to consider:
  • The number one way an ORV is stolen is that thieves simply roll it away. Deter this or at least make it more of a challenge it by removing the valve stems from two tires, which allows them to go flat.
  • If your ORV has drilled brake rotors, you can buy small pad locks and slip the locking shaft through one of the holes in the rotor to prevent a roll-away theft.
  • Chaining a machine to a tree or camper is always an option, but make sure you get a quality chain and lock that cannot be drilled out – or at least will require a few hours worth of work to do so.
With these tips and ORV insurance protection provided by ONE Insurance or BSI Insurance Brokers, and underwritten by Red River Mutual, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy the riding season — with you and your ORV fully protected.
For all your ORV insurance needs, drop by any ONE Insurance or BSI Insurance Brokers branch or visit oneinsurance.ca or bsimb.com.

Article provided by One Insurance.