Snoman Inc. (Snowmobilers of Manitoba) was incorporated and registered under the 'Companies Act' on November 7, 1975.

Snoman Inc. was established to:

  • Advance organized snowmobiling in Manitoba,
  • Coordinate matters of mutual interest for organizations that relate to snowmobiling,
  • Develop and maintain approximately 12,000 KMS of snowmobile trails and associated facilities,
  • Promote snowmobile safety,
  • Consult with representatives from the public sector, private sector and other provincial snowmobile associations across Canada,
  • Assist with protecting the environment, and
  • Perform desirable and lawful functions in the general public interest

In 1994, Snoman Inc. and the Province of Manitoba entered into an agreement that enacted the Snopass, under the Crown Lands Act, Provincial Snowmobile Trail Regulation. The Snopass provided the clubs with revenue to maintain designated snowmobile trails.

Designated Snowmobile Trails provide:

  • The safest alternative for riders to enjoy snowmobiling,
  • Trails that help reduce trespassing on private property,
  • Winter travel links to communities throughout rural and northern Manitoba,
  • Dollars to businesses reliant on winter tourism,
  • Tax revenue for both the federal and provincial governments,
  • Increased revenue to snowmobiling related industries, and
  • Economic benefit of more than two billion dollars since 1994 to the Province of Manitoba

The Snopass system was created to provide a user pay system. It ensured that riders who use the trail system were helping to fund its on-going operating costs by paying into it. It provided Snoman Inc., its Regional Snowmobile Associations and its member clubs a more stabilized funding base to help finance the operations and administration associated with snowmobile trail maintenance.

It took many volunteers and volunteer hours to execute and distribute Snopasses under the former system. In 2008, in an attempt to refocus volunteers to prioritize their time to provide an environmentally friendly designated snowmobile trail network, Snoman Inc. requested that the Province of Manitoba allow Manitoba Public Insurance to sell Snopasses on behalf of Snoman Inc. and its member clubs.

On November 1, 2009, Manitoba Public Insurance vendors commenced Snopass sales with a manual program throughout Manitoba. This manual collection program ended on April 30, 2010 to allow sufficient time to develop an electronic Snopass sales system.

On November 29, 2010, Manitoba Public Insurance incorporated an electronic system for the sale of Snopasses on a permanent basis. This system provided for deferred payment plans, implementation of a Waiver of Liability & Indemnity, and Snoman Trail Gift Vouchers, incorporated with annual renewals of snowmobile registrations. The funds acquired from the sale of Snopasses, are remitted to Snoman Inc. on a monthly basis.