Snoman Executive


Jason Wiebe


Darcy Wyborn (Sprucewoods Snowdrifters) Western Region

2nd Vice President

Joe Thievin (South Interlake SnoRiders) Interlake Region


Alan Butler (Snowtraxx Snowmobile Club) Western Region

Past President

Wayne Vandersteen (Northern Trail Blazers) Interlake Region


Central Region

Doug Godard (Border Valley Sno Goers)
Ken Willsey
(Club Snow)

Eastern Region

Jordan Ferguson (Whiteshell Snowmobile Club)
Tonya Kemball (Maskwa Snowmobile Club)

Interlake Region

Jason Nickel (Log Cabin Riders)
Joe Thievin 
(South Interlake SnoRiders)

Northern Region

Darrell Helash (Gillam Snowmobile Club)
Floyd Brown (Border Explorers Snowmobile Club)

Western Region

Darcy Wyborn (Sprucewoods Snowdrifters)
Perry Snedden (Prairie Mountain Snow Drifters)

Alternate Directors

Central Region

John Malcolm (Cross Country Snow Drifters)

Eastern Region

Paul Reichart (Brokenhead Trail Blazers)

Interlake Region

Les Thordarson (Interlake Snow Trackers)

Northern Region

Tyler Samborski (Snow Lake Sno-Drifters)

Western Region

Kelvin Tiller (Snowtraxx Snowmobile Club)

Manitoba Government

Manitoba Government appreciates a good working relationship with Snoman, which includes the opportunity for staff representatives to attend regular board meetings, in a non-voting capacity, to remain apprised of matters involving the department.


Jason Wiebe


Jason was elected Snoman President in October 2022. His passion for snowmobiling was deeply engrained at a young age as his family has a long history of snowmobiling. He has snowmobiled extensively across Manitoba, as well as in Saskatchewan, Northern Ontario, New Brunswick, Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho. Jason is a member of Eastman Snopals where he serves as Vice President. Riding snowmobiles, while improving the experience for both him and others, has been a way of life for Jason. His goals for the Snoman board include promoting process improvement and collaboration across the organization.

Darcy Wyborn

Vice President/Western Region Director

Darcy has been actively involved with snowmobiling in 2001 in the Brandon area. He has held positions of President and Treasurer at the club level. Darcy became involved with the West Region Snowmobile Association, acting as a club representative. He has served as treasurer, an Alternate Director to Snoman, and then a regional Director. He is the president of the WRSA, treasurer of his local club, and Snoman’s Vice President. This would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the support of his wife and two daughters.

Darcy looks forward to the new challenges, continuing his work with the clubs, maintaining a family-friendly approach, and turning every ride into a fun adventure.


Joe Thievin

2nd Vice President/Interlake Region Director

Joe got the snowmobile bug as a child growing up on a farm in southern Manitoba. In 2000, Joe along with his wife Nadine chartered a local snowmobile club – South Interlake SnoRiders. He continues to manage club grooming operations, including scheduling and maintenance.

In the early 2000s, Joe became a Regional Director with Snoman and has held positions on the Executive Committee, including Vice President and Treasurer. Joe is a strong supporter of snowmobiling and snowmobile safety and takes every opportunity to share the safety message.

Joe also serves as 1st Vice President of the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations.


Alan Butler


Alan joined the Snoman Board of Directors in 2010 as a director for the Western Region. In April 2011, he was elected Vice President and then President and served in that role until 2020 when he became Treasurer.

Alan and his family have been snowmobiling since 1974. He is a member of the Snowtraxx’s Snowmobile Club and currently serves as President. Alan has always been a strong community supporter and volunteer. He believes that the clubs are the strength of Snoman and must work together to further recreational snowmobiling.

Alan and his wife Linda raised a family of three, all of whom are snowmobilers. Alan and his wife Linda enjoy riding throughout Manitoba.

Wayne Vandersteen

Past President

Wayne began snowmobiling in 1966 and was hooked. In the mid 1990s, along with some equally passionate snowmobilers, he decided to start a snowmobile club in the Fisher Branch area. Wayne was nominated president of the Northern Trailblazers and sat on the board for many years.

In 1997, he became an Interlake Region representative on the Snoman Board. Wayne’s involvement with the sport continued and he has been actively involved with the trail audit process.

Wayne served as President of Snoman for two years. He will continue to work for the betterment of all snowmobilers when he is not out enjoying a ride with his family, who all love snowmobiling as much as he does.


Doug Godard

Central Region Director

Doug started snowmobiling in the early ’70s as a young kid and continues to ride today. He is a lifetime member of the St. Jean Trailblazers and currently on the board of directors. Since 2014, he has been a member of the Border Valley Snowgoers in the Central region and serves on the board of directors. Doug and his wife, their son & daughter and grandchildren enjoy snowmobiling. He believes it’s never too early to get the little ones started to enjoy the great outdoors in the winter.


Ken Willsey

Central Region Director

Ken started snowmobiling in the 70s and he joined Club Snow in Portage la Prairie in 2009 and has been Treasurer for the past 2 years. Since retiring in 2013, he enjoys spending his time working with the snowmobile club and in the last 2 years has helped construct two new warming shelters.

Ken and his wife Betty have three sons; two of whom are involved in snowmobiling. They really enjoy the time they spend on the trails together.

Ken is an avid golfer and enjoy camping in the summer and spending time with his four grandchildren.

Tonya Kemball

Eastern Region Director

Jordan Ferguson

Eastern Region Director

Jason Nickel

Interlake Region Director

Jason is a member of the Log Cabin Riders Snowmobile Club and has served as their president for the last several years. He is a director for the Interlake Region on the Snoman board of directors. Jason helps the club by grooming, signing, and trail maintenance and he enjoys every part of snowmobiling. He rides with his daughters, sons, wife, stepson, and a lot of friends too. Jason says that the best thing about snowmobiling is everything about snowmobiling, socializing, exploring, driving, maintenance, and helping the club and fellow riders out.

Darrell Helash

Northern Region Director

Floyd Brown

Northern Region Director


Perry Snedden

Western Region Director


John Malcolm

Alternate Central Region Director

Paul Reichart

Alternate Eastern Region Director

Les Thordarson

Alternate Interlake Region Director

Tyler Samborski

Alternate Northern Region Director


Kelvin Tiller

Alternate Western Region Director

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