2015 Winner's Choice Raffle

ski doo Polaris Arcticcat yamaha
MXZ Sport 600
Switchback 600 Axys
ZR 4000 LXR
Phazer RTX
“May not be exactly as illustrated”

Tickets $2.00 each

40000 Tickets Printed

Draw Date
February 19, 2015 - 2:00 PM
Draw Held
Snoman Office - 2121 Henderson Hwy - Winnipeg, MB

Winner may choose to accept $10,000.00 cash in lieu of one chosen snowmobile.

*Winner is reponsible for pick up of selected sled. Snoman will be responsible for GST. Winner will be responsible for all other applicable taxes*
License # LGA 2789 RF

Allan Dubyts (left) from Safe And Certified and Alan Butler draw the winning ticket

Archie Heinrichs (center), winner of the 2014 Winner Choice Raffle with Russ Henderson (left) and Brian Enns (right) of Keystone Kat