President's Message

Member Clubs and Snowmobilers:

April 2018

As the current season draws to a close I would like to thank all the clubs, volunteers and landowners for all their efforts to ensure this season was a success. Here it is the 1st of April and there are clubs that still have trails open. It’s obvious that this year has been one of the better ones for a number of clubs.  Unfortunately, clubs in the south portion of the province were not as fortunate and were unable to open trails due to a lack of snow.

This past season we have seen an unprecedented number of snowmobile fatalities with seven (7) in total. Unfortunately, the majority of these fatalities were attributed to excess speed. Over the off season Snoman will be looking at ways we can better inform snowmobilers of the dangers of excess speed. We need to do whatever we can to reduce the number of snowmobile fatalities.

In preparation for next season we are also looking at the implementation of a fully interactive web based trail map. It is felt that this would better meet the needs and requests of all snowmobilers and there will be definite benefits to the clubs as well.

Once we get all of the signs picked up and equipment put away, it’s important that everyone enjoy your summer, recharge your batteries and get ready for next season. It will not seem very long before we are talking winter and getting things ready for next season. Take the time to smell the roses and enjoy your summer. Talk to you in the fall.

Alan Butler
Snoman Inc.