President's Message

Member Clubs and Snowmobilers:

 President’s Message – October 2020

As the new snowmobile season approaches the big question on a lot of people’s minds is what effect Covid-19 is going to have on the upcoming snowmobile season? Health experts are now saying that Covid-19 responses will be more targeted to effected areas. So the bottom line for snowmobilers is that closing provincial snowmobile trails isn’t on anyone’s hit list this winter. Snoman has worked with other provincial snowmobile organizations in the development of Covid-19 Volunteer Best Practices for work on the trails. Following the practices will help to keep everyone safe on our trails this winter. It is Snoman’s position that clubs will start signing, grooming and opening trails as snow conditions permit. If snowmobilers follow the public health orders that are in effect there should be minimal issues. The one area that will be reviewed by clubs and Snoman is the use of shelters and we will be providing direction on the use of shelters as we get closer to the start of the season.

This past summer there has been a boom in the sale of motorized recreational products mainly due to the fact that people are staying close to home and not traveling. There is no reason to believe that this boom will not continue with winter recreational products like snowmobiles. This should provide an opportunity for clubs to attract new volunteers and members. Remember all those snowbirds, many of which used to snowmobile, will not be going south this winter. Snowmobiling provides an excellent opportunity to maintain social distancing, is a good form of physical activity and can be good for one’s mental health and also benefit one’s overall health.   

The Snopass price will NOT be increasing this season and has remained the same for the past five (5) years, being the second lowest price in all of Canada. Manitoba has 12,000+ km of designated trails and some of the best scenery in North America. Snowmobiling is a family activity and enjoyed by all ages.  For those looking for fun and a healthy activity this winter, try snowmobiling, you will not be disappointed!

For those who would like to start snowmobiling, we recommend that you take the Snoman online snowmobile safety course. You can take it at home at your leisure and upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate as well as a wallet size plastic certificate. The certificate is recognized by all provinces and states that require the completion of a snowmobile safety course. The course covers all aspects of the safe operation of a snowmobile. The cost of the course is only $45.00 and you can access it through the Snoman website. Upon completion you can also qualify for a 5% discount on insurance through One Insurance and BSI Insurance Brokers underwritten by Red River Mutual.

For all those that would like to get involved with snowmobiling, remember you do not have to buy a new sled. There are lots of good used units out there at a fraction of the cost of a new sled. If you want a new sled you can buy new noncurrent sleds at significant savings. 

A number of clubs have already started getting trails cleaned up, and getting equipment ready for the upcoming season. If you would like to help out, contact your local club. If you are unsure what club is in your area, give the Snoman office a call (204-940-7533) and they will be happy to help you out.

This will be my final president’s message as I will be stepping down as president in November. It has been a pleasure serving as your president and I thank everyone for their help and cooperation.

See you on the trail, ride safe and stay healthy!

Alan Butler
Snoman Inc.