President's Message

Member Clubs and Snowmobilers:

Good day fellow snowmobilers and Snopass holders!

At the beginning of March, we looked outside and slowly watched our trails disappear in about 3 days, and now only Thompson and Gillam have trails open. On March 5th, our COVID-19 cases were reduced and our warm-up shelters were allowed to open but at that point most of our trails were closing.

It was a struggling year for all of us. As a board, Snoman met virtually and that has its challenges with poor internet and cell coverage in some parts of the province. However, we worked through it and got the work of the board accomplished.

At this time, Snoman is commencing planning for the 10th Annual Congress at the Victoria Inn in Brandon scheduled for November 12 & 13, 2021. We have a drop dead date of July 1 to decide if it can go ahead due to COVID.

While we had a rather short season with much of the southwest corner of the province with no trails open, those that did get out enjoyed the riding. Let’s hope for an earlier start to the season next year and a longer stint of trail riding.

Congratulations to Christine Logan on winning the Snoman Winner’s Choice Raffle. Her son Jason, wife Karley and their two children are a very avid snowmobile family so they're going to make good use of the snowmobile.

A special thank you to our groomer operators and all of our snowmobile club volunteers who do all of the signing and maintenance on our trail network. Without them the system would not work. Also, a special thank you to our farmers and landowners who let us use their property for our trail system.

I’d like to say a big thank you to all of our Corporate Rider Partners that provide funding for our clubs, including the installation of kiosks throughout our trail network.

Have a safe summer and let’s keep our fingers crossed that we can return to some sense of normalcy sooner rather than later.

Wayne Vandersteen
President, Snoman Inc.